All About The Sunroof

For any car lover, who is looking for an upgrade or just wishes to make his car look stylish, then the first thing you would probably consider is the sunroof. Having a sunroof takes your driving experience to another level. When you install a sunroof to a normal car, you feel like you are driving a luxury convertible car. A sunroof allows you to get that cool passing breeze while your driving and gives you enough sunlight.

sun roof cars

In recent years, manufacturers have realized the increased demand for the sunroof. To capitalize on that market niche they have produced cars which come with an already installed sunroof. For those car owners whose cars don’t have a sunroof, its not late for you. There are a variety of car roofs out there which come in different shapes, design, and colors.

The main types of sunroofs include;

  1. Fabric sunroofs
  2. Glass sunroofs

Fabric sunroofs

There are a lot of designs in respect to fabric sunroofs.However; I will talk about the two common fabric sunroofs you find when you visit the nearest automobile shop:

  • European sunroofs

Most people may refer to them as fold able sunroofs. They that old classic design which offers a wider opening as compared to glass sunroofs. Due to wider opening they offer a convertible experience.

  • T-Type sunroofs

This type of sunroofs are easily removed. Its name comes from the shape it forms. This is because it comes in a pair, one in the driver’s side while the other in the co-driver side. Both parts can be removed independently. It became popular after being commercialized by Porsche.

european sun roof

Glass sunroofs

In recent years there have been increased in advancement in automobile industry. Advancement in automobile industry is coming in ‘’fast and furious’’. One of the advancement in automobile industry is the introduction of glass sunroofs. This is an upgrade from the traditional fabric sunroofs. Glass sunroofs comes in different design.

  • Spoiler Glass sunroofs

This glass sunroofs offers the capability of sliding and popping out. The design is quite easy when you open your sunroofs & just push a button, which pops up- then it slides over to get a better sunroof experience.

  • Built in sunroofs

These are the most expensive sunroofs. As the name suggests, they come while it is fully installed in your car. The good thing about built in sunroofs is that they are fully automated and slides in between the car sunroof.

  • Pop up

These are the most common sunroofs you will find in the market. These sunroof are basically manual and they pop up. In addition they can be completely removed so that you continue enjoying your sunroof experience.

  • Top mount type

This type of sunroofs comes with a rail which it operates on.Thus; it can easily move along the rail. In addition, it comes with wind deflector which helps to remove unwanted noise, thus making your driving more fun and enjoyable.

  • Panoramic Type

These are the most expensive sunroof you will get in the market. They are mostly offered by luxury cars like Rolls Royce & Mercedes Benz. They cover a higher percentage of a car roofs and it is composed of two parts. The front and rear part. They offer a much convertible experience as they provide a lot of room.

glass sun roof