Sun Roofs & Seat Belts


A sunroof is a type of window/roof that is designed to be fixed or operable. The reason it’s called a sunroof is because the passenger may choose to remove the roof when the weather is nice and sunny. These types of roofs can open manually or by motor operation, the choice comes with the car. So, let’s see who came up with the idea to invent a roof so perfect like this.

sun roof auto

First company that made sunroofs was Nash Motor Company in 1937. Sliding sunroofs are also known by many as Moon roofs. The term was coined by John Atkinson in 1973. As I mentioned before, sunroofs systems can be manual or electric, while moon roofs are electric. Sunroofs or moon roofs as you prefer- can be original equipment or installed after the purchase for the customer.

There are many types of sunroofs such as:

  • Pop up- These roofs are manually operated. They are removable and must be stored once removed. They can be installed in many vehicles and are cheap.
  • Spoiler- This type of roof is a combination of the previous pop up and sliding system. They do not provide large openings like other roof systems, but they are run on electric systems primarily.
  • Inbuilt- has a panel that slides between metal roof and interior headliner to provide a full roof opening. The drawback of this type of roof is they don’t fit on every car due to the panel being stored within the vehicle’s roof.
  • Folding- sunroofs like these are common in Europe. It provides an opening like a convertible.
  • Top Mount- sliding sunroofs are also popular in Europe. They have a wind detector which eliminates the noise of wind.
  • Panoramic roof systems – are a new type of roofs with the new feature like opening above the rear and front seats with glass operable or fixed.

Seat belt:

Seat belts also called safety belts by law are a safety measure every vehicle or car has. Their main task is to protect and secure every passenger during an accident. Seat belts were invented in the mid 19th century by George Cayley, an English engineer. First companies that offered seat belts as an option were Nash in 1949, and Ford in 1955. In Europe, it was Swedish Saab who introduced seat belt standards at first. After Saab introduced its GT 750 at the New York Motor show in 1958 seat belts became a standard practice.

seat belt auto

There are several types of seat belts such as: Two point, Three point, & 4,5,6 point.

  • Two point- Two-point seat belts were invented in the 1900s by Jack Swearingen. There are two types of two-point seat belts- Lap and Sash.
  • Three point- three point is like the two-point seat belts Lap and Sash; but the only difference is the way it is unitized. Three point belts spreads the energy of the moving body over the chest pelvis and shoulders. The first three-point seat belts were introduced by Volvo in 1959.
  • 4,5,6 point- belts are similar like their predecessors- only difference is that they have more belts that protects legs.