Car Maniac

Every since I was a young child, I’ve always had a fascination with cars, automobiles, & everything related to insides of cars. I guess you can say- I had a big imagination. When I would have to go to school, get picked up, or go out for doctor’s appointments, shopping with my parents etc. I always fell in love with the feeling of being in the car.

car fanatic

The automobile for me meant something special. It was such a thrill to be able to sit in the back seat and watch everything as we drove by; literally everything about the city I grew up in. I remember getting to know the city by sitting in the backseat everyday. When you see the same streets, schools, drug stores, fast food places, groceries, etc. you will get to know the lay of the land real quick and thoroughly. It was challenging for me to leave the car seat once we arrived at a destination.

My absolute favorite car interior feature was the audio deck. I had an old sister, so I was known to be thrown in the back seat when the whole family was in the car. When I had the rare, special opportunities to sit in the front seat either with my mother or father; I would always feel compelled to mess with the audio deck. As a young child, I was always amazed with visuals; especially tons of buttons on a deck. I felt so cool pushing all the different components of the audio system. At the time, I had no idea what each of the buttons meant, or what they could do for the driver/passenger. 

As I started to grow older I developed a habit of learning every feature a car had in the interior or exterior. Yes, you can say, I was a true car fanatic. Everything about the automobile made me excited. I remember when I was in middle school I started to read and write about different cars. I would read articles, blogs, & forums about Japanese cars (Nissan, Honda, & Toyota). I would also alternate sometimes, with the other popular country known for cars, Germany. The German motors were some of the best, most durable, and most luxurious looking among-st the many different brands. The BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz were the most popular & stylish.


I had always dreamed of the day when I could legally get my driver’s license to go anywhere ,with whoever, in my own car. The thought of it made me so happy in high school. I would daydream about it a lot. Patience played a huge role in high school for me. I was very young for my high school class, I had to wait until my junior year of high school to get my license; it made me angry on some occasions thinking about it. Most kids were getting their licenses sophomore year of high school. It was maddening to wait so long. I couldn’t do much but wait for my time.

When my time came to get my first car junior year, I was crying tears of joy, happiness, and excitement for the many years to come; because I had my very own vehicle to travel around in. Times had changed, I felt so important. All the days every since I was so young felt so valuable. I remember for the first time going on a date-it felt pretty cool to be able to tell my parents I was going to leave and be back later. The world was so big to me, I had the ability to go anywhere, with anyone, at anytime. It was a dangerous and adventurous time. The thrills of my time on wheels was nothing but the best. I felt I can do anything.

range rover interior

If you’ve ever had that butterfly feeling in your stomach when you meet someone attractive; you’ll know how I feel everyday. I get to work with cars all day, everyday-it’s the best thing in the world. Everybody has had the same nervous, butterfly feeling in their stomach. Imagine having that feeling everyday from the work you do. Pretty awesome right? My dream is my reality now. I decided to make this blog to share my love, passion, and excitement for everything related to cars. My main passion about cars is the interior with all the bells and whistles to look at, touch, and use. I hope you enjoy!