Audio Systems & Car Seats: Bread and Butter of a Car

Audio system

An audio system in a car is a part of everyday vehicle nowadays. Its main purpose is to entertain and give information to the passengers. Before we talk about the audio systems that are in use these days I will talk about its history; first from AM radio, FM, and CD players- to modern Android audio that are controlled by smartphones.

car audio system

It all began around 1920, when the vacuum tube technology got to the point where radio broadcasting became widely used. After, in 1930s Motorola was the main brand of radio receivers, manufactured by American Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. It cost $130 at the time, almost 30% of the price of the car. Until 1951, nothing changed. During this time, many car owners weren’t thinking about the possible bug infestations occurring during this new surge of radios coming out. If only a well established company like pest control berkeley could be there to save the day-it might have been a different story. Thanks for sponsoring this article guys!

After 1951, the FM radio receiver was offered by Blaupunkt, it had a radio searching function. German developed ARD network and from 1974 to 2005 Autofahrer-Rundfunk-Informationssystem was used during time.

From 2010 till today- new ways of playing music stepped in. Internet radio, satellite radio, and Bluetooth flew over the market, and now they are used more than traditional FM radios. Also, navigation systems, backup cameras, and smartphones displays have an important role in audio system in a vehicle today. Every important vehicle manufacturer has their own audio systems such as: BMW Assist, My Ford Touch, & On Star.

audio system car

Every audio system in a vehicle consists of :

  • Stock system
  • Head unit
  • Car speakers
  • Capacitors
  • Subwoofers
  • Damping

Some of the most important manufacturers of this product are :

Alpine, Bang & Olufsen, Boston Acoustics, LG, Samsung, & Sony.

Car Seat

Car Seats are an important part of the car. Its main task is to give the passengers comfort and a place to sit while driving. Most car seats are made of polyester, a material that is made to last long. There are two types of seats: Bucket, bench seat, and Folding seats.

auto car seats

Bucket seat is a separate seat and it is designed to accommodate only one person, while bench seats are more like benches, due to how flat they are & can accommodate up to three people.

  • Folding seats are seats that can fold to free cargo space.

There are some standards that must be followed for seats to be eligible.

  • Anti-submarine seat is a kind of seat that is specially shaped to reduce the tendency for passenger to slide beneath the seat belt in a frontal collision.
  • Child safety seat is a security measure in a form of a seat belt to hold a child in a case of an accident.

One thing that is also important about car seats are car seat covers. They are made to protect the original seat maximize the comfort of the passenger and to maintain it.