Audio Systems & Car Seats: Bread and Butter of a Car

Audio system

An audio system in a car is a part of everyday vehicle nowadays. Its main purpose is to entertain and give information to the passengers. Before we talk about the audio systems that are in use these days I will talk about its history; first from AM radio, FM, and CD players- to modern Android audio that are controlled by smartphones.

car audio system

It all began around 1920, when the vacuum tube technology got to the point where radio broadcasting became widely used. After, in 1930s Motorola was the main brand of radio receivers, manufactured by American Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. It cost $130 at the time, almost 30% of the price of the car. Until 1951, nothing changed. During this time, many car owners weren’t thinking about the possible bug infestations occurring during this new surge of radios coming out. If only a well established company like pest control berkeley could be there to save the day-it might have been a different story. Thanks for sponsoring this article guys!

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Sun Roofs & Seat Belts


A sunroof is a type of window/roof that is designed to be fixed or operable. The reason it’s called a sunroof is because the passenger may choose to remove the roof when the weather is nice and sunny. These types of roofs can open manually or by motor operation, the choice comes with the car. So, let’s see who came up with the idea to invent a roof so perfect like this.

sun roof auto

First company that made sunroofs was Nash Motor Company in 1937. Sliding sunroofs are also known by many as Moon roofs. The term was coined by John Atkinson in 1973. As I mentioned before, sunroofs systems can be manual or electric, while moon roofs are electric. Sunroofs or moon roofs as you prefer- can be original equipment or installed after the purchase for the customer.

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Crafting the Interior of Your Car

Interior designing is a thrilling endeavor to perform because it disputes the creative side of yours to come up with a stunning pattern that every person will adore. There are interior designers that are counted on when it comes to this leisure interest and they are not actually complicated to locate. While performing interior designs, you are required to think about the inclination of the possessor, i.e. you yourself.

Given that you are the possessor, you should imagine what sort of idea you wish for your car. Most widespread ideas are of two sorts:

  1. Old fashioned ones–——-the ideas that point toward the times of yesterday
  2. Contemporary ones——–up to date ideas with modern appeal

old fashioned interior car

Consider the tints that you judge as irresistible and locate agreeable shade blends. The patterns reckon on the discernment of the possessor, therefore the possessor should better make out what he/she truly desires to perceive.

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Interior Car Features

They say, “Cars are the mock-ups of your day by day lives.As a matter of fact, they are a crucial constituent of life itself.

audi interior car

If you are keen on pursuing the most recent activities of the world of vehicles, you must have observed some of the up-and-coming drifts in this area of interest recently. Along with other features, a great deal of consideration is being given to interiors of the cars. Although interiors have forever been the foremost facet of modern cars yet they have increasingly worked out a very important position in shaping the accomplishment / letdown of a means of transportation in the market apart from any other aspects.

Imagine the luxury of showing off the beautiful interior of your car to a valet attendant as you pull up to the local lavish restaurant you plan to dine at with that special someone. Quite an image, right? The dream is alive, and the beauty of the car still lives with us.

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Car Maniac

Every since I was a young child, I’ve always had a fascination with cars, automobiles, & everything related to insides of cars. I guess you can say- I had a big imagination. When I would have to go to school, get picked up, or go out for doctor’s appointments, shopping with my parents etc. I always fell in love with the feeling of being in the car.

car fanatic

The automobile for me meant something special. It was such a thrill to be able to sit in the back seat and watch everything as we drove by; literally everything about the city I grew up in. I remember getting to know the city by sitting in the backseat everyday. When you see the same streets, schools, drug stores, fast food places, groceries, etc. you will get to know the lay of the land real quick and thoroughly. It was challenging for me to leave the car seat once we arrived at a destination.

My absolute favorite car interior feature was the audio deck. I had an old sister, so I was known to be thrown in the back seat when the whole family was in the car. When I had the rare, special opportunities to sit in the front seat either with my mother or father; I would always feel compelled to mess with the audio deck. As a young child, I was always amazed with visuals; especially tons of buttons on a deck. I felt so cool pushing all the different components of the audio system. At the time, I had no idea what each of the buttons meant, or what they could do for the driver/passenger. 

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